Busted a Scam – Worldwide Subscriptions Corp.

February 28, 2009

Today was a fun filled day.

Met some people.

Did some shopping.

Busted up a scam operation at a local BP Gas Station.

You know…

Typical day.

Andrea and I stopped to refill the gas tank when a guy (early 20’s looking) approached my girlfriends car motioning to me to roll down my window. Being the nice guy that I am, I did. Smelling of gas and alcohol, He said was in a contest with all of the people with him (6 other very shady people approaching other customers). “Mike,” or whatever his name is, was studying to become a radio DJ and was trying to get enough points to get to Paris by selling magazine subscriptions, or to attend Radio School in Vegas, or trying to overcome his shyness (he used many excuses during our time together). He had to win “points” by selling the magazines so I bought into his story just to see where it would go. As soon as he brought up the idea of me handing over the money upfront, I have had enough. I told him I wasn’t interested and He then focused his attention to Andrea.

He told us that we could sign up and have them send educational magazines to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital (using children with cancer… classy). Andrea bought his garbage (since she has a big heart for kids) and decided to buy a subscription.

She only had a credit card so he “needed” her to go to the ATM and take the money out. She gets out of the car and asks me “Are you coming in with me?”

My response:


I just need to say, thank you God for putting the idea of the iPhone in someone’s head because it has been a trusty friend.

As we were waiting to use the ATM, he was making small talk with Andrea and I noticed his “receipt” pad with the name: Worldwide Subscriptions Corps. I pulled out the trusty iPhone and googled the name.

The second result was from…SCAM.COM!

Story after story was from people who fell for the scam.

By this time, Andrea was catching on to what I was doing and she figured a way out of the situation by saying she didn’t have any money in her account. We started to walk back to the car and left.

Driving away from the pump, I decided to google “non-emergency 911 number.” I got the number for Altamonte Spring PD and spoke with a dispatcher about our fiasco (We didn’t want anyone else losing any money).

The response time for the policeman was incredible. I wasn’t even off the phone with dispatch and he pulled up right next to us.

As we drove away, we could see flashing lights.

Justice Served.

Has anyone fallen for a scam before?