-Kyle D. McDonald-


I’m a lover, a learner, a teacher and a follower of Christ. I write about topics that are interesting to me and hopefully semi-entertaining for you. Stick around and say something.
“Live high, Live mighty, Live righteously, Takin’ it easy”
Favorite Music:
Jason Mraz, Sammy Davis Jr, Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble,Michael Jackson, Iron And Wine, Chris Thile, Jon Foreman, Fiction Family
Favorite TV Shows:
Scrubs, LOST, Grey’s Anatomy, House, Big Love, South Park,The Colbert Report, Dirty Sexy Money, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Private Practice, Chuck, 30 Rock, The Office, 24
Favorite Movies:
Slumdog Millionaire, Garden State, Memento, Australia,Ocean’s 11-13, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean 1-3, Big Fish, Moulin Rouge, Romeo + Juliet, Rent, The Last Kiss, Iron Man, Once, Cloverfield, Across the Universe, Transformers,300, Elizabethtown, Tropic Thunder, James Bond Movies
Favorite Books:
Sex God, Everybody Wants to go to Heaven but Nobody Wants to Die, Velvet Elvis, Story: Recapture the Mystery, Jesus Wants To Save Christians
Favorite Quotations:
“I’m building the world myself and putting new hats on everybody one by one… Before I go out I’m gonna have people in tutus, cops wearing sombreros, stockbrokers with viking hats, priests with panties on their heads, In the world I’m building, everybody shouts hello to everybody else from their car windows. People have speakers attached to their chests that pour out music so you can tell from a distance what mood they’re in, and they won’t be too chicken to get naked when the rain comes.”
-Rachel Corrie

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